Diabetes DMP IG (R4)
0.0.1 - CI Build Germany flag

Diabetes DMP IG (R4) - Local Development build (v0.0.1). See the Directory of published versions


Official URL: http://deutsche-diabetes-gesellschaft.de/fhir/ig/dmp-diabetes/ImplementationGuide/de.deutsche-diabetes-gesellschaft.fhir.ig.dmp-diabetes Version: 0.0.1
Draft as of 2022-03-10 Computable Name: FHIRIGforDiabetesDMPinGermany

Copyright/Legal: CC-BY-SA-4.0


This is the current version of the FHIR IG for Diabetes DMP (Diseas Management Program) in Germany. This project is in no way official.

A good entry point for browsing the Implementation Guide’s resources is (at this time) the DDG DMP Composition resource.

Source and Download

GitHub Repository

Current rendering of Implementation Guide. The linked version is an early draft and might be out of sync with the git repository (i.e. no “Continuous Build”).

Download: You can download this implementation guide in the NPM package format from here.